Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why Does One Need a Vacation Planner?

In today’s age of internet technology it would stand to reason that people are able to plan their own vacations – and many do.
With the plethora of information and booking sites available online, it is more than possible to do everything yourself.  Nearly everyone has made travel arrangements from their own desk at some point, and many have stopped going to travel agents to book airline tickets and hotels.

So, that being said, one would wonder why I decided to become a vacation planner – when it would seem that it's a dying profession. Well, the truth is that it's really NOT. On the contrary, it is a growing sector thanks to the way we approach travel, by adapting to the changes in the market and focusing on the new and different demands which have emerged from the internet era: primarily, the client's need for personalized attention and human interaction.

One of the first things my clients tell me is that they had become overwhelmed by all the information on the web. Just about every one of them had started searching on their own, hoping to find that perfect villa rental, the best cooking class or wine tour, the driver service or chef to complete their dream vacation. Many had laid out a preliminary itinerary of Tuscany – before they realized that they weren’t even sure what “Tuscany” really meant. How far were these beautiful places from one another? Where exactly was this extraordinary villa they had been looking at? How many things could they conceivably do in a week without killing themselves? And thus, the panic started setting in.

In many cases when families or groups travel together there is a designated leader chosen to plan things. That person feels a lot of pressure to get it right – since the whole group’s vacation is riding on his, or her, shoulders. Taking a trip to Italy is not the same as going on a weekend getaway in your own country. There is a lot more at stake. Many times this is “the vacation of a lifetime”, which has been dreamed about for years. So, winging it doesn’t really make sense.

The solution is to spend A LOT of time and effort surfing, researching, reading about the destination and trying to compile all this information. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly advocate learning about where you will be traveling. However, many people do not have the luxury of all the free time that is required to do the proper search. The over abundance of material available to consult is also detrimental. It is like an orchestra with too many instruments and no conductor – the final result will most probably not be music to the ears.

This is where I can help. My expertise comes from being on site and knowing the ropes as an insider. My advise will narrow down your options, making them easier to process. My presence will offer you a sense of security, during the planning phase as well as while you are here. Italy is a magnificent place, but it does have its issues. My clients have encountered lost luggage, train and public transportation strikes, missed flight connections and other minor mishaps where having a friendly local to contact proved very helpful and comforting. Your cyberspace reservation doesn’t offer that.

From a financial point of view it’s really not a great expense either – and when you consider the overall investment you are making for your trip, it’s actually negligible. Also important to realize is that I can provide villa rentals (of top-notch, handpicked properties) that will never cost you more than what a rental agency asks – and sometimes it will be less. The same goes for all the other services I offer, because I pick and choose to ensure an excellent price/quality ratio.

So, why not blend the best of both worlds? Do your research, create your wish list, and then call upon someone you can trust to assist you in making it become a reality. That’s where the real luxury of having a vacation planner lies.


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