Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hats Off to Wine Town 2012!

What a great evening at Wine Town! This was so much more than just a wine tasting event, it was a cultural experience, and Florence was an amazing setting. The chance to visit the extraordinary (and often hidden) courtyards and cloisters of some of Florence’s most majestic palazzi was in and of itself a wonderful treat. Once inside, the fabulous wines on offer and the talented musicians filling the air with live jazz made the atmosphere magical.The turnout was abundant, but since  the event was organized in locations throughout the city center it was possible to access the wine stands with only a minimal wait. This also gave people the opportunity to stroll the streets and enjoy the city while going from one venue to another. Even for the locals it was a unique occasion which allowed them to enter some of the grand arched doorways that are normally closed to the public and discover the incredible beauty inside. Brava Firenze

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