Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Delectable Fig

Today as I stopped to pick a bowl of luscious September figs from the tree in my garden I remembered that this commonplace treat was all but unknown to me before I moved to Tuscany. As a child, I knew Fig Newtons and the dried figs my parents put on the table at holiday time (which to be honest I didn’t particularly care for), but I ignored the existence of the incredible fresh fruit that today has me checking my tree regularly to see if there are some ripe ones ready to be picked.

For those who haven’t tried a fig straight from the tree – you are missing something special! And unlike so many things that taste really good but… Figs ARE really good for you!

They're rich in potassium (helping to maintain healthy blood pressure). They have a lot of fiber and calcium. They contain tryptophan, which helps to induce good sleep and prevent insomnia. Even their leaves have healing properties. And from the time of the Romans, who considered the fruit a gift from the fertility god “Bacchus”, figs have been known to promote overall well-being and to serve as aphrodisiacs…

So, with all that going for them, what are you waiting for? Have some figs!

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