Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Best Tea Rooms in Florence

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water. Even in Tuscany, as the season grows colder (and often damper), embracing the British tradition of tea time becomes more popular. Despite Italy’s deep rooted love for coffee, and the resulting culture of espresso bars, it is impossible to deny the elegance and charm of a beautiful Tea House or Tea Room. These historic venues, where tea can be enjoyed and purchased, are present throughout Europe and Florence is no exception. Some represent the Western tradition, while others will take you on a journey to other lands where tea is a fundamental part of their culture.

So, for those who love tea, here are the best tea rooms in Florence:

Tealicious  (Via Romana) -  a small shop that cannot be missed by the real tea connoisseur. Here you’ll find passion and special attention paid to every detail.

Le Vie del(Piazza Ghiberti) – this is not only a tea room, but a store that sells an infinite variety of teas and accessories.

Peter’s Tea House (Via dei Fossi) – An elegant and refined atmosphere where you’ll find an incredible variety of teas.

Teatro dell’Ozio (Via G. Lanza) – this is a concept store which opened recently. The style is French country chic with sofas and comfortable chairs where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea and some delicious pastries, including fresh macaroons. Besides tea, you’ll find small gifts and delicious chocolate for sale.

Derb (Via Faenza) – This Moroccan tea house and restaurant is a unique venue where you are surrounded by books, artisan objects and an atmosphere reminiscent of the Maghreb

Mago Merlino (Via dei Pilastri) -  Perhaps this unusual ambiance is not for everyone, but one must admit that it is unique. An eclectic, Arabesque feel, where you sip your tea sitting on cushions on the floor…

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