Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why I Love Living in Tuscany

After more than 20 years, I still love living in Tuscany! There are so many reasons for this affirmation, but this morning one came to mind that sometimes I tend to overlook or take for granted.

I set off for a brisk walk (inspired by the glorious day – after all the rain) and as I was marching along intently, I suddenly NOTICED how beautiful my surroundings were. I was only minutes from my house, and yet the view of the countryside made me slow down to admire it. Fortunately I had brought my iphone for musical company, so I decided to snap a few pictures of the landscape which has been the backdrop of all my hikes over the years – and yet I had never photographed. How many times had I passed there before, without having thought to make a permanent record of it? You take pictures of the new places you visit, important events, people you love, but not really of your neighborhood while you are out jogging or walking.

The truth is, I don’t live in one of the most famous areas of Tuscany. Instead, it is a small quiet town, still relatively new to tourism. Yet, perhaps, the fact that there are two historic Medici villas close by should tell us something – since already centuries ago the illustrious Florentine family had recognized the beauty of the area, as well as its convenient proximity to Florence, making it one of their favorite holiday destinations.

Often, our hectic everyday lives distract us from seeing things that are right next to us and sometimes it takes an “epiphany” to make us notice them. Well, today I had my little epiphany. I took the time (already a feat) to enjoy my walk, to savor the beauty of nature and my good fortune to be immersed in it. It was a gorgeous November day in a stunning setting, just outside my own front door - and it deserved to be appreciated. 

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  1. (Great pics.) This is so true, we don't usually take pictures of our own area even when it is somewhere as lovely as Tuscany.