Wednesday, October 31, 2012

An Amazing Costume Shop in Florence

The popularity of Halloween in Italy has grown exponentially over the years, and today having the perfect costume to attend one of the many events and parties that take place is very important.

Florence has the oldest and most unique shop in Italy where you can find an original Halloween costume… Filistrucchi has been in business since 1720, producing every kind of costume imaginable. This is clearly not a simple costume shop – this is artisan excellence at its best. What started as a wig shop in the 1700s grew to become one of the world’s foremost costume designers. 
Today, Filistrucchi clothes stage actors who appear not only at the Teatro Comunale in Florence but also at the Metropolitan in New York, the Fenice in Venice and the Boston Opera. The mastery of this Florentine workshop has also been seen on TV and on the big screen.

Here a 300 year old artisan tradition has been rigorously preserved, while new techniques have expanded the production to include innovative costumes and masks that are a tribute to modernity.
A visit to the workshop in Via Verdi, where craftsmen work diligently, is in itself an extraordinary experience. 

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