Thursday, October 4, 2012

In Tuscany, what if you don’t like wine?

Tuscany is almost synonymous with wine, and we all sort of assume that those coming to visit will want to try some of the wonderful varieties produced here. But what if you don’t like wine? You might feel like you’re missing out on part of the experience. Well guess what, Tuscany is also building a great reputation for its up and coming artisan breweries. That’s right, Tuscan Beer! Now for the most part, we can hope that if you don’t drink wine, you do drink beer. And then there are those who drink both… So, here are 5 interesting local brews to try:

Tuscan beer actually has ancient roots that go as far back as the Etruscans. One of the reasons for its success is that there are many particular ingredients available in the area to make a unique beer. For example, the use of chestnuts yields a very interesting beer that has received international acclaim. Try “Bastarda Rossa” by Birra Amiata.

Then there is the prize winning “la Bruton ai cereali” which is produced with organically grown spelt from the Garfagnana area.

For those who like a strong and decisive taste, this dark and creamy beer from Prato called “Acheronte” really delivers. No pasteurization or filtration here.

The more refined palate will appreciate the addition of honey to “Montemagno” – served at all the most renowned pubs.

And finally, don't miss the more than 10 varieties of “Napoleone” which is produced where else but on the island of Elba

The new trend is to make beer become a contender among the “fine” drinks on offer in Tuscany. By focusing on high quality and originality, the local brewers are well on their way to ensuring that even beer becomes a recognized excellence of this region. 

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