Monday, October 15, 2012

Apericena: the new trend in dining out

In Italy the “aperitivo” has always been a popular social custom. Lately, there has been a growing trend to expand the traditional concept of a simple drink before dinner by adding more than just nuts and chips to the nibbling options. In fact, today there is a new name to define the fashion: “apericena” (apertivo + dinner). Many bars are now offering a buffet of hot and cold appetizers to accompany drinks – giving customers the possibility to make it a light dinner. What is also particularly appealing during these tighter times is the “lighter” tab for dining out. Usually the price is not much more than 10 Euros for a drink and the buffet (unless you are at a 5-star venue with a view - but even then it's less than 20 - which is a fraction of the cost of dinner!) In the city, where having a pizza and a beer can run you up to 20 Euros, this becomes a great alternative. It’s no wonder that new venues offering the apericena are springing up every day.
In fact, we have updated our list for 2015 with some new entries! 

Here are a few well known places to try in the center of Florence

Se.Sto (The Excelsior's stunning rooftop bar) 
Rivalta Cafè
Negroni Bar
Soul Kitchen
Cafe de Paris

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