Sunday, October 21, 2012

Winter Wedding in Tuscany

There are certain places that inspire you. Today I visited a 16th century Medicean villa that made me think, “Wow, what a beautiful place to have a winter wedding!”

Whether it’s for a vacation or a wedding,  I strongly believe that the autumn and winter months should not be overlooked when considering Tuscany.

The romantic atmosphere of a winter wedding can easily surpass that of a summer affair. What is important is finding the right venue and planning the event in accordance with the season.

As a general rule, many things about Tuscany are enhanced by the colder climate. The region’s rich foods and wonderful red wines. The stately, historic residences with their majestic fireplaces, antique furnishings and grand ballrooms. The experience of an event staged inside one of these fabulous villas is truly unique.

Imagine having cocktails in these ancient wine cellars….

Here nothing has been left to chance. The restoration is impeccable and the ambiance extraordinary.

The other rooms of the villa offer refined elegance that has been designed to embrace and not to overwhelm.
The space is articulated in a way that can accommodate large groups as intimately as smaller ones.
The pretty grounds are always an option for an outdoor event, but if the weather or the season require it – the interiors create a stunning setting for a very chic affair.

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